• BS-PK GmbH - Willingsweide 3 - 46399 Bocholt


The Philosophy

The philosophy of BS-PK GmbH focuses on finding the perfect match between the specific requirements of a customer and the qualifications and skills of its employees find. This customized approach ensures not only the fulfillment of the customer requirements, but also a high level of customer satisfaction and the continuous delivery of top top performance.

Customized employee selection:

  • Specialized Recruiting

    At BS-PK GmbH, the recruiting process is designed to be specifically aligned to find employees with exactly the right qualifications and skills for specific customer projects.

  • Dynamic talent pools:

    A constantly updated talent pool makes it possible to respond quickly to respond quickly to changes in requirements and to find the right expert for a specific project.

Special qualifications & skills

  • Tiefe Expertise:

    Each employee brings deep expertise in his or her field, which is deepened through and advanced training courses.

  • Soft skills

    In addition to professional qualifications, BS-PK GmbH attaches great importance to soft skills such as communication skills, problem solving and teamwork, which are essential in complex projects are indispensable.

Customer oriented approach:

  • Requirements engineering:

    Before a project starts, a thorough analysis of the customer's requirements is is carried out to ensure that the selected employees are a perfect fit for the project.

  • Feedback loops:

    Regular feedback meetings with customers ensure that work results meet expectations and adjustments can be made in a timely manner.

Flexibility & Adaptiblity

  • Dynamic team compositions:

    Based on the changing needs of a project, the team can be dynamically adjusted to provide the best possible expertise at all times.

  • Cross-Training:

    Staff are trained in multiple areas, allowing greater flexibility in resource allocation and better coverage of interdisciplinary projects.